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0.08mm Kapton Gasket Polyimide Ring

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Product Name:Kapton Gasket, Polyimide Gasket, Kapton Ring
Raw Material:Kapton Tape (with Release liner)
Coating Material:Silicon Adhesive
Release Material:0.075mm PET
Total Thcikness:0.08mm(Release film not included)
Base Thickness:0.05mm

Base price means the price for the minimal outer diamter 5mm of Kapton gasket.

*The discount only for this product catalog not for the whole store, you can order more product at the same product catalog to get better discount.

*"Inner Diameter":The minimal size of "Inner Diameter" is 2mm, increased by per 0.5mm, size of "Outer Side" must be larger than the "Inner Side" 3mm at least(means "Outer Diameter-Inner Diameter>=3.0mm").

Price based on USD/1,000pcs that means each unit of order will be including 1,000pcs of the gaskets, we request the MOQ is 2,000pcs for each size.

Product size unit is milimeter(If your request size is inch, please echange inch into milimeter as 1 inch=25.4 milimiter by yourself). If the listed size is not included, you can choose the most similar size to take place if you like. In case you are still not satisfy with the similar size, you can request the service made to order via email.

*Price Specially:All the parts have including the mold charge of USD100.00/set already, when you place the order, we will check our stock of mold size and edit your order if this part of mold fee to be deleted or not. Please hold your order without paying till our feedback.

Attention:Because of variouse size of the mold and the maintance problem of the mold, we can't not promise to have all the mold size we list on our store. If the size you ordered does not has the exist mold, you may need to pay the extra mold fee, please understand and check the feedback from us regarding to your order. We agree that you shall not pay again the mold fee again when you reorder this size of the product even if this mold is broken or missing by us.

*Free mold:If you will order more than USD1,000.00 per size in one order, you need not to pay the mold fee even if this mold not exist. We also agree to return the mold fee if the customer continues to reorder the same size till amount USD1,000.00, the paid of mold fee will be deduct directly from the total order amount of your last order.

*Very Important:Picture of product just for your reference, we will decide the final packing in pieces or rolls of your order according to the order amount and our producing plan. You can choose the packing way only if your order more than 5,000pcs per size, please do remarks when you place the order, or we will packing in our own way.

*If you have special request on the material or you have the parts drawing, you can request the service made to order via email, we will get back to you soon.

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  • Model: Kapton Die-cut
  • Manufactured by: Dexlu

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