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0.06mm Polymide Epoxy Adheisve Tape with Release Paper


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This kind of adhesive tape is made of Polyimide film with imported hi-temp resistant epoxy adhesive and coated with release paper, which shows excellent properties as hi-temp resistant, electrical insulation, Chemical resistant, no toxicity, no harm to healthy and surroundings, coupled with its very low release peel force and its easy co-operation, the desired shape (Kapton label, for example) by die-cutting, are widely used in Mobile Telephone and other all kinds of electron electrical equipments etc. This kind of tape is one of new developing adhesive tape at recent years, it also can be use as cover film and backing film on the FPCB making.

Base Material:Polyimide film, Kapton HN film
Coating Material:Epoxy Hot Melting Resin
Release Material:0.075mm Release Paper
Total Thickness:0.135mm(including the release paper)
Base Thickeness:0.025mm
Tape Length:100m
Main Application:Cover Film or Reinforce Film for FPCB

*Base price means the price at size 1mm on this product, choose the size according to your needs.
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*Our standard length is 100m, but you may receive 100m of 2 rolls or 200m of 1 roll if you order 200m total, this depend on the stock size we have, you will receive no less than 200m of goods, please understand. This is a special kind of tape, please refore the link we give before application, click here.
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  • Model: 0.06mm polyimide cover film
  • Manufactured by: Dexlu

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