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0.025mm polyimide Tape(similar Kapton HN)


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Polyimide film (similar to Kapton HN) is kind of special engineering plastic film which is achieved by polycondensation of PMDA and ODA in strong polar solvents and through the process of forming film and imine treatment at high temperature. Polyimide film (similar to Kapton HN) possesses excellent physical, chemical, and electrical properties, atomic radiation resistant, corrosion and solvent resistant, low & high temperature resistant, It performs successfully in the wide range of temperature as low as -452F(-269c) and as high as +500F(+260c). Because of its unique excellent properties, polyimide film (similar to Kapton HN) is widely used as insulation material in F~H class electric motors, electric locomotive, high temperature cables, backing or cover film of FPCB(flexible printed circuit) applications, aerospace industries and so on.

Thickness:0.025mm / 1.0mil
Min. Slitting Width:10mm
Tape Length:100m
Main Application:cable widing, motor repariring, electronic elements repairing, louder speaker repairing, voice coil DIY etc

*The minimal order is 1 roll per size, you can order with different size.

*Very ImportantThe minimal slitting width is 10mm, you can increase by per 1mm, slitting width made to order need 5 rolls per size for the MOQ.

If you have special request on width, please leave us message or send us by email at "Contact Page".

Price based: USD/roll

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  • Model: 0.025mm kapton tape
  • Manufactured by: Dexlu

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